The Wedding Planner

The Band

And The Band Played On…
…You Hope!

The Dream:
You’ve already set the scene. Well, music can really set the mood. Live music is dependent upon what the band you hire to perform considers their specialty: upbeat tempos for dancing, romantic mood music for couples dances, background music while food is being served/eaten, etc. The most important music, of course, is what’s playing when you walk down the aisle. You should be sure what is available. If the church has an organist, can he/she play anything but the traditional piece? Is that what you want? Can they play a recorded piece i.e. are there speakers so that it will be clearly audible?

The Plan:
Whatever you want played, make sure you hear it played by the person who will play it that day and using the audio equipment that will be used that day. Find out if the musicians or the D.J. will interact with your guests. If so, find out if you can attend an event they will be playing at to get a sense of their personality and how effective they are with different kinds of people. If you use a DJ, be sure to get a list of recordings you can choose from to suit your guests. He or she should also be asked if they take requests. And find out how long the musicians or DJ’s play before taking a rest/timeout. Make sure you get this all in writing!

Make It Happen:
Get friends to refer you to bands or DJ’s they’ve heard and liked before (and steer you away from the ones they didn’t like).

Get references before you sign on the dotted line.

Let your Consultant and/or your friends help to develop the play list or music selection. This could be a great job for one of the groom’s buddies or the groom!