The Wedding Planner

Setting The Scene

Setting The Scene
Hint: It’s more than just flowers.

The Dream:

It’s tablecloths…a sea of tablecloths. And chairs. And round tables. Square? A dais. ..or not. Centerpieces…Decorations everywhere! Sounds great, but remember that budget. You can’t have everything. So, choose! But don’t forget these and other details. As they say: “God is in the details.”

The Plan:
Work closely with the Wedding Planner or Catering Manager. Determine what is already available at the location. If you prefer other choices, find out if your contract allows you to bring items from the outside. Also find out if and where you can rent or if you have to buy.

Make sure you know the lead time – especially for items coming from outside the location. And don’t forget pick up and delivery. They can add time and cost.

Make It Happen:

Keep a list with your Consultant or Catering Manager that includes everything you’ve arranged for offpremises, including arrival dates/times and setup requirements.

Keep a list of all the key people with whom you have purchased products and/or services, their office hours, phone numbers and email addresses.