The Wedding Planner

Bridal Gown

The Best Dressed Bride
And her well-groomed Groom.

His Mom.

And her Mom.
The Bridesmaids/Matrons, Flowergirls…
Yes, getting everybody dressed is part of the deal. The Dream:
How you see yourself on this allimportant occasion has a lot to do with your bridal gown. It is the one thing that will adorn you and be memorialized in pictures for years to come. Those pictures will record the rest of the bridal party and how they looked. And since bridesmaids dresses are historically, shall we say, challenged, it’s important to give a lot of thought to them, too. Tall order? Yes. Possible? Absolutely!

The Plan:
You come first. If you’re happy with your choice, the other dresses will be easier to envision. And, if you’re comfortable with your choice, it will be easier to make them comfortable with their dresses as well. Start not with the dress itself, but with the silhouette that you want your dress to have to make you look your best.

Petite – 5’4” or less: A-line. Empire or Princess. Jewel neck lines and/or cap sleeves will be flattering.

Tall and Slender: You can wear offthe shoulder and/or very fitted gowns in any of the above silhouettes. If you’re shortwaisted, Empire may not be your best look.

FullFigure: A-Line and Princess styles will look good. Vertical panels will be slimming. Lower necklines will lengthen the torso.

Give these tips to your Consultant, Stylist or store salesperson where you are buying your gown. Make sure you build in enough time for all your attendants to have their dresses chosen and altered, if necessary.

Make It Happen:
Get all your Bridesmaids to meet with the Consultant or salesperson early. Make sure they are already aware of your color and general style choices.

Choose your gown first.

If you give everyone enough time to finetune their outfits you needn’t feel guilty about having the final word. It’s YOUR wedding!