The Wedding Planner

The Reception

The Reception

What if you gave a party… and everybody came!

The Dream:
The perfect place. The perfect ambience. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to have your wedding outdoors…under a huge tent! Or maybe you’ve dreamed of a grand Ballroom to celebrate your big day. If your guest list is relatively small, there are lovely, intimate settings for a memorable event. Think both of the number of people as well as the feeling you want to convey. And, of course, in the case of outdoor events, consider the weather and time of year.

The Plan:

Reserve early! Many locations can be booked 1 to 1 1/2 years in advance. And if you’re making a statement with a very unique environment, say The Grand Ballroom on a Saturday night in June, go even 1 to 2 years out. Better safe than sorry! Decide on whether you want to be formal or informal. This affects how the room is set up – china and glassware, centerpieces, etc. If you have a Wedding Consultant he or she will walk you through the choices. If not, the Locations’ Catering or Banquet Manager will be able to help you.

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Make It Happen:
Keep your Consultant or Catering Manager abreast of the headcount as the RSVP’s come in. This will affect the size (and cost) of the room you’ve chosen. Let them know if you want to accommodate dancing, which affects how the tables will be set up. Write a detailed account of what will happen in the Reception from beginning to end. This kind of flow will reveal equipment and amenities needed well ahead of time.