The Wedding Planner


Request The Pleasure Of Their Company
Your invitation gives your guests a “sneak peek” at your festivities. Make sure it’s a good first impression!

The Dream:
As each invited guest finds that special envelope in the mail, it should prompt a smile of pleasure…even surprise. You want them to notice the color, the texture, the typeface or stamp specially selected for the occasion. Make sure it’s style reflects your style and fits with the overall tone of the event you are planning, formal or informal.

The Plan:
Always arrive at a number of invited guests as soon as possible. Not only will you need it to print the correct number of invitations, the estimate of those who’ll accept will be the basis for all your other plans, especially the Reception Hall. This is an important number! As you choose color, weight, texture and typeface for invitations, remember that any other printed items, such as the menu, should follow this style.

Make sure the printer knows the kind of atmosphere and style you’re planning so they can show you appropriate alternatives. Have them give you the best price for the number of items you’re ordering. And make them sign off on a firm delivery date!

Make It Happen:
Make your own mailing schedule starting 68 weeks before the wedding for the mailing. Check off and total the RSVP’s so that you always have an uptodate count.

If you already know certain people will not be attending, send announcements instead of complete invitations. You may want to frame your invitation or use it to start a scrapbook of your wedding.