The Wedding Planner

The Dream Wedding

“If I Were A Rich Man…”

Even if you are, you need to know how much you want to spend… And what you want to spend it on.

The Dream:
Whether it’s the wedding scene from “The Godfather” or one of those “Four Weddings”…without the funeral, your dream day can involve a great cathedral, beautiful outdoor setting, country church or City Hall. What matters is setting the right tone for this allimportant
occasion. Think about the people who are there…now start making list. How are the rooms decorated? What kind of music is playing? Is someone taking pictures? Still or video? Or both? Try writing description of the wedding as if you were guest. Notice everything.

The Plan:
We’ve heard all the horror stories about having to include everyone’s ideas but your own: your mother, the groom’s mother, best friends, etc. The fact is, though, that teamwork means less work for you in the long run as long as you run the team. This is where Wedding Planner or Consultant can be worth his/her weight in gold. Your most important team member should be your soon-to-be
spouse. See how involved he wants to be.

But even a Consultant will start with the basics – list of every element of your special event. From ceremony to reception locations, bridal gown, tuxedo, food, flowers, music, photography and videography, etc. Everything should be researched well in advance for availability and price. And speaking of price, always get several estimates before making a final decision on anything.

All of this gets placed into your first and most important planning tool: the Budget. Every item should be estimated. If you go over on one item, be prepared to cut something else. The idea is to start your marriage without owing money on the wedding.

Make It Happen:

Keep journal – of
ideas from books, magazines and friends.

Cut out pictures – of room arrangements, table settings, gowns… anything that could help you find or demonstrate what you want.

Start running tab – once you commit to or spend an amount, deduct it from your available funds.

Put yourself first – keep your energy up and your stress down. This is going to be fun!