The Wedding Planner


“Get me to the church on time!”

How is your mother-in-law-to-be getting there? Don’t grownups already know this stuff?

The Dream:
You don’t have to worry about any of this, right? People just take care of themselves. Well, maybe. This is a must for your wedding party and immediate family. It can be important if you have people arriving from outoftown, for example. And, of course, nothing adds glamour like a fleet of limousines pulling up at the curb.

The Plan:
Find out what kinds of cars are available and what the price differentials are. What is the minimum time and the hourly rate after that? Do they offer special bridal packages? Be sure the cars you agree on – including color – are specified in a written contract. Surprises in this category can be particularly garish.

Make It Happen:
If you’re having an informal wedding, don’t go for stretch limousines or town cars in outlandish colors.

Make this a flexible budget item. You can always scale back on the number and luxury appointments, if necessary.