The Wedding Planner

Photography &amp Videography

Picture This!

But remember this…if you shoot it, no one will forget it.

The Dream:
Forever. That word describes not only your vows but your wedding pictures as well. From wedding albums for family members, framed pictures that will be seen in your home and your parents’ and inlaws’ homes, to scrapbooks, videotapes, websites, you name it. Those shots will be everywhere. And that’s good! All the more reason to make sure they’re the best they can be.

The Plan:

First, decide what the pictures will be used for. Are you going to put the photos on a website? Do you want a professional videographer to put together a tape/dvd of your footage? If so, visit several studios, ask them to send you samples of their work. Once you decide, have the photographer(s) visit the sites. Indicate whether/where you want shots taken. Lighting is very important so show them exactly where they’ll have to shoot and what time of day.

Discuss your budget. Special effects can eat up money quickly. And what you call a little editing, they call special effects. Find out ahead of time. And speaking of time, how long will they stay? How long a tape will you get out of this? Do they charge extra for copies?

Make It Happen:

Another assignment you can give to someone on your wedding team. But remember, stay in touch with this so you’re sure of what you’re getting.

Be firm about your limitations. Get everything in writing. Have friends take still and video on their own. Casual shots can be even more charming than the pros!