The Wedding Planner

We would like to wish you all the best on your up coming marriage.

You have decided to start a new chapter in your life and want to start it with the most memorable day. The next months are going to be filled with excitement anticipation and lots of planning and organizing.No matter if you are planning an event for a big group of friends and relatives, or an intimate ceremony with the closest of your loved ones, the “Wedding Planner” will help you remember the details.


First… The Good News: You’re about to experience the biggest, most joyous event of your life.

Now… The Bad News: You’ve got a lot to do.

And The Best News: Everything you need to know about getting it done is right here in Event Locations’s Wedding Planner.

It’s okay to dream about it.
As long as you plan for it.
Start with these ideas to make it happen!