Venues Equipment

Various types of equipment will be necessary to make your corporate event run flawlessly and be unforgettable for everyone attending. When booking the space, inquire as to the venues equipment availability.

A trade show will obviously have different needs and requirements than a board meeting or awards luncheon. Many venues will be able to offer complimentary services or have items available for rental at a fair price. Hotels will most likely have more amenities than a raw, loft space. You may need to contact a local specialty rental company in order to get everything necessary for your event.
Business Meeting Location
If attendees are coming from out of town and want to travel light, you will need to consider laptop or workstation availability. Don’t forget about other office necessities such as a printer or copier. Many of today’s venues will offer wireless Internet connection but don’t assume this will be available in your specific event space.

Given the expense of airfares and hotel accommodations in New York, may companies want the capacity to teleconference with other employees and colleagues around the globe. While this is usually an easy set-up, you will need to make arrangements with the staff in advance.

Will you be screening videos or need a projector for an interactive presentation? Some meeting facilities will already be equipped with plasma screens which can be used in many different ways. With today’s technology be sure to engage your guests with charging stations, a digital sign-in board and audience response system.

A larger, more extravagant corporate event such as a product launch or trade show may require special lighting including stage lights, dimming capability and accents on displays. Dramatic drapery can also add a specific ambience to the event.

Don’t forget about all of your audio needs. Wireless microphones and speakers will be necessary at a large venue with many guests.