Types of Corporate Events

There are numerous types of corporate events all of which will require particular venues, technical equipment and a specific agenda. Planning an event is much easier once you look at some of your many options.

Trade Shows

Trade shows or an expo are wonderful ways to present your product or service directly to customers and other businesses. A few examples are automobile, bridal and boat all of which will lead the consumer to your booth. Many companies will offer inexpensive giveaways with the company logo. Not only might you generate business during the event but will also surely generate leads. The downside is participating in a trade show can be rather costly and take a chunk of your marketing budget.


Conferences are great for sales training, medical meetings or academic organizations. It is best to choose a locale within close proximity to most of the participants. Many companies are now looking to smaller cities and college campuses, which might be able to provide the proper facility at a much lower cost. These days some businesses choose to strictly hold their conferences virtually.
Business Meeting


Seminars can be private or public. Some will require a series of events while others can rely on hosting only one. They are more interactive than a straight lecture. A congenial keynote speaker usually addresses the crowd to keep them interested and involved. It is estimated that only 60% of the speech is informative and 40% is entertainment. A company should market the seminar 3-4 weeks in advance. In order to offset costs, some venues will lend themselves to securing sponsors. You will need to have a registration desk and serve light refreshments.

Team Building Events

One way to motivate employees is to have a team-building event. Depending on the type of chosen activity you can host this inside or outdoors (consider hosting your event at Central Park). Such events are great for building trust, forming new relationships and boosting morale.

Product Launch

New product launches can be as simple as a small set-up in a grocery store for a new flavored soda to Apple introducing the latest in technology. Most of these events will fall somewhere in between. Always make sure you have plenty of space for the media to get a good view, informational packets and some type of refreshment.