Ideas For Company Events On a Budget

Company events range in size and type. It includes sales staff meetings, congratulations party, retirement and birthday celebrations or employee motivation. In this tense economy, more and more companies are forced to cut back their spending which means limited social functions for staff members. However, you can keep the events inexpensive and this way reward your employees more often.
Company Business Meeting

Best ideas for the office party on the budget

Be flexible with the location.

One of the ideas would be to invite your sales team to outdoor meeting in a local park. A breath of fresh air and a lunch at the picnic table can motivate the staff to be more productive. Provide sandwiches and soda instead of restaurant lunch that can cost $40 per person.

Invite members of a company to the game.

Not the baseball game at the Yankee Stadium but organize your own golf tournament, tennis match or soccer game. Use company’s location and combine it with lunch. Corporate games can build team spirit and be a learning experience for employees and their boss.

Details matter.

Create an expense budget that includes all elements: venue, food, beverage, public transportation, parking, equipment, permits and licenses. Highlight points where you think sponsors can play a role. This way you can save money and work with other brands.

Breakfast meeting.

Start a week with morning updates with the office staff. Present schedule and goals for this week over coffee and donuts. A great way to motivate company members on Monday.

Friday afternoon office party.

End a week with small party at the office. Buy pizza, refreshments and drinks. This is a good way to show your employees appreciation to their hard work and reward employee-of-the-month.

Promote your event thru social media.

You do not need expensive posters and banners to notify guests about the company event. Email online Invites with an option to respond. Remind them on Facebook, twitter or linked in. You can even post Youtube video explaining meeting objectives. Video provides significant visual suggestions and impacts decision making process.

Social Media