Best Mobile Apps to plan your event

Planning a corporate event or conference can be a difficult task. You need to stay on track at all times even when something gets cancelled at the last minute. Fortunately, we now live in iPad, iPhone and tablets era where mobile app technology allows to stay organized. There is no need to stress out anymore because apps are handful and easy to navigate. Create an invitations, choose the venue and calculate your budget. Mobile apps will help you plan a variety of social events: parties, celebrations, meetings, galas, company conferences and other. Take an advantage of the most popular mobile apps when planning your next corporate gathering.
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Top 2015 mobile planning apps


Evernote allows you to sync everything between your phone and computer automatically. You can organize your notes, search the web, tweet, track tasks, check email and share info with anyone on your list. It serves as your “everything” inbox.


Create a new, customized event with this app, include all the party info and send out email notifications. Guests can RSVP through the Evite event page. You can easily determine the number of people who will be arriving to the event. You can save money on party supplies (invitations).


Punchbowl offers few services related to party planning: invitations, food ideas, theme for the event, vendor list or locations. It can assist with planning a larger gatherings such as conference or gala.


Hootsuite links and manages your social media channels: twitter, facebook, google, instagram, youtube, linkedin or flickr. App creates a streams and you can create a posts in advance and schedule the release date.


When planning an event, you need to stay on track of your budget. Shoeboxed organizes and tracks your receipts. Additionally, you can scan business cards or track your mileage. App turns all receipts into verified data that you can store and simply search.
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